Building a remote working team without outsourcing?
need to save costs?
Yes & Yes!

Competition has always been cruel. Fighting for better talents and better cost structures is one of the ultimate tasks in every team. Since Covid-19 impacts life and work of everyone, start-ups and corporations have been adapting to the new concept of remote working by hiring remote employees.

Other than outsourcing, we believe in the power of teamwork under the same leadership, without giving up the advantages of remote working – high quality, low costs, diversified culture to increase creativity, and the flexibility of employment as a company with agility.  briteHR will find you the perfect candidates with whom you can finally keep your team’s workflow efficient, with high quality controlled by your leadership, for much lower costs! 

Better Cost-Performance

No compromise of regional, language and time limitations

Sick of disappointing results and endless iterations?
Yes! stop burning resources

Finally it’s possible! We hear again and again from CEOs, project leaders and head of HRs that they are facing the challenge of finding remote employees who are reliable and affordable without having to outsource the position straight away. Especially when outsourcing to abroad, the control over the project is bad and results are often disappointing. In consequence, many iterations in the project will be needed, teams are frustrated and resources are burned.

briteHR helps you find the perfect candidates, not as outsourcing, but as your own remote team. That means, although your new employee doesn’t work in the same office space, but he still works directly under your leadership in the same team.

Full control
& Flexibility

Save Up To 90% Costs
Recruitment Model

  • We helped a client hire 3 full-time remote employees adding to their existing team, reducing the original payroll costs by 90%.
  • Work quality remains the same, the team is very motivated, profitability increased by 200%
  • A start-up company Client made their business from a monthly “-15%” net loss to completely profitable “+20%” without even increasing their sales revenue, just by hiring the right remote team with us.

say goodbye to
ridiculously high recruitment costs

briteHR enables better remote working for small and medium-sized businesses by hiring quality remote team for less costs.

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briteHR helps start-ups and SMEs recruit best possible remote team with incredible low recruitment costs.

Project leaders

My team and I are so passionate about what we do with the project. It feels really good to witness the project moving forward to reach milestones. Now we need more manpower to cover the workload, better in different time zones to keep the project running 24/7. Where can I recruit a special remote team for this challenge?


In Europe, the labor compliance system has been getting less competitive in the era of globalization. It's really challenging for start-ups to recruit "hungry" talents with execution power for reasonable costs. As a founder, I have a big question mark here - how can I focus on developing the real product without a good team?

HR Managers

Talent acquisition is a systematic process, adapting to the remote working concept is not easy, especially when I need quality and quantity of the candidates at the same time. Even if I find the right candidates, but how can I employ them without a local legal entity or subsidiary in that country? How can I make it happen while staying compliant?

What benefits will you get with remote working?

better quality

Same or higher quality as if hiring in your home market, and finally possible for startups and SMEs.

lower costs

Lower costs through a revolutionary new way of Pay-As-You-Interview.

efficiency on hiring

Jump right into the interviews with high quality shortlisted candidates, and optimized hiring process.

diversified culture

Your team will be finally globalized! Culture shift was never so easy.

full control & flexibility

Your direct team member, we help you to get free of those endless paperworks.

Your New Team Expansion In India, Egypt, China, Eastern Europe And More

briteHR has been active in the remote working market in China since 2008 and in India, Egypt and Eastern Europe since 2018. We also have been building on our own tech with a quality database with over 5 million well-educated and qualified candidates in various sectors, especially in IT, engineering, banking, corporate finance, consulting, marketing and PR, automotive and manufacture.

of hiring
Talent Acquisition Expert

Find best talents fit your remote team requirements, you even get to choose the culture fusion 😉

People Who Love Our Solutions

It's an incredible positive experience with briteHR as we first time recruited our Operations Manager in India on a remote working basis. Actually we started to set up remote working structure years back, and we built our whole business decentralized on purpose, our team is distributed internationally across Europe. But we never hired any remote team in India which seemed very far away from possible before working with briteHR together. Thanks to briteHR, our remote working team is perfectly structured now and we are so happy to enjoy our business growing even faster ever since!
Peter Morley
We are totally amazed by the experience so far with briteHR together. For example, you headhunted and recruited our own purchasing manager based in China, which would have been an impossible goal for us to achieve as an European team. I was also positively surprised by the quality of the candidates, now we are very happy working with such a strong team. This setup helps us standout among the competitors for sure.
Virginie El-B.
Head of Sales NEORUBY