Our Solutions

Founder team of briteHR have been active on the remote working market in China since 2013 and in India since 2018. We built up our own tech and quality database with over 2 million qualified candidates in various sectors.


After pre-screening and headhunting, briteHR will shortlist candidates for you. Our service is FREE of charge until interview arrangement.


Handling paperwork and taking care of payroll while stay compliant to the local labor laws could be frustrating. Let briteHR take over the workload for you.


briteHR supports you on site for the remote employees by providing with many remote working essentials. So you can focus on your business.

Remote working recruitment works in

Project Management

Project Management of projects in different areas.

Supply chain management

Purchasing, sourcing, supplier management.

Software Engineering & Web Development

Remote team on Software and Web Development.

HR & Recruiting

Recruitment, contracting, compliance, employee evaluation.

Customer Support

Backend support on ticketing system, chats, emails, and hotline.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Financial workflow, account receivable management.

Virtual assistant & Admin

Administrative operations, dedicated executive assistance.

Digital & Product Marketing

List building, lead generation, landing page, copy writing and SEO.

Graphic & Web Design

Optimization of images, webpages and visual materials.

Most Affordable Remote Recruitment For Best Quality

Recruiting a best possible remote team with incredible low costs is not impossible. Very different from traditional recruitment agencies, briteHR offers headhunting and recruitment services FREE of charge. There’s only a small fee at each video interview.

how does the process look like

Identify your remote team hiring needs
Book Your First Interviews With Us
We will talk about your ideal candidate
We will do screening & shortlisting of candidates for you
Video Interview 1st Round
Quality & skill evaluations
Further interview rounds
Final selection
Placement & Contracting
brite.Interview 100%
Onboarding & Payroll

Frequently Asked Questions

brite.Interview is our revolutionary recruitment service with a Pay-As-You-Interview model. After pre-screening and headhunting, our headhunting consultants will shortlist candidates for you. Our service is FREE of charge until interview arrangement.

Depending on different roles you are looking for, a typical employer will interview 6-10 candidates for a job, and 2-4 candidates will go through at least 2-3 rounds of interviews before an offer is made. Of course, if you are lucky, you could hire a perfect candidate after only 3 interviews. In this case, the hiring costs for you would be limited to those 3 interviews thanks to our Pay-As-You-Interview model.

Yes. There’s no costs for you until you want to arrange interview with a candidate.

We offer recruiting and headhunting services in India, Egypt, China and Eastern Europe at the moment. We are also working on preparation in other regions, so if you would hire someone in those regions we haven’t mentioned, let us know, we’d see what we can do for you.

Basically you need to have a subsidiary company or other type of local legal entity to run a compliant labor force in that country. Or we would provide you with our brite.Staffing services to help you out.