A better
recruiter for
remote working

enables better remote working for small and medium-sized businesses by hiring quality remote team for less costs.

A Better Recruiter That Helps
Growth of Your remote team

briteHR helps start-ups and SMEs recruit best talents for your remote working team with incredible low recruitment costs.

better quality

Same or higher quality as if hiring in your home market, and finally possible for startups and SMEs.

lower costs

Lower costs through a revolutionary new way of Pay-As-You-Interview.

efficiency on hiring

Jump right into the interviews with high quality shortlisted candidates, and optimized hiring process.

diversified culture

Your team will be finally globalized! Culture shift was never so easy.

full control & flexibility

Your direct team member, we help you to get free of those endless paperworks.

Save Up To 90% Costs
Recruitment Model

Our headhunting and recruitment services are FREE of charge. You only pay a small fee for each video interview.

Your New Team Expansion In India, Egypt, China, Eastern Europe And More

briteHR has been active in the remote working market in China since 2008 and in India, Egypt and Eastern Europe since 2018. We also have been building on our own tech with a quality database with over 5 million well-educated and qualified candidates in various sectors, especially in IT, engineering, banking, corporate finance, consulting, marketing and PR, automotive and manufacture.

of hiring
Talent Acquisition Expert

Find best talents fit your remote team requirements, you even get to choose the culture fusion 😉

Better Cost-Performance

No compromise of regional, language and time limitations

Most Affordable Remote Recruitment For Best Quality

Recruiting a best possible remote team with incredible low costs is not impossible. Very different from traditional recruitment agencies, briteHR offers headhunting and recruitment services FREE of charge. There’s only a small fee at each video interview.

lower costs & flexibility

client experience with us

It's an incredible positive experience with briteHR as we first time recruited our Operations Manager in India on a remote working basis. Actually we started to set up remote working structure years back, and we built our whole business decentralized on purpose, our team is distributed internationally across Europe. But we never hired any remote team in India which seemed very far away from possible before working with briteHR together. The hiring went very smoothly, the candidates introduced by briteHR met our ideal profile very well. After a successful onboarding of our new Operations Manager, we came back to recruit an accountant role in India and a purchasing manager in China. Thanks to briteHR, our remote working team is perfectly structured now and we are so happy to enjoy our business growing even faster ever since!
Peter Morley